We co-create companies

We design, launch, and scale disruptive high-growth startups together with entrepreneurs and corporations.

Build with us
0-to-1 in 100 Days

What We Do

We are a group of hands-on thinkers, dreamers, builders, and leaders who aim to make a positive impact in SEA through venture building.


We explore problems, generate ideas, and conduct rigorous validation experiments to identify the largest, most important opportunities


We partner with co-founders and corporations to launch and iterate towards product-market fit, alongside a pre-seed investment


We fuel startup growth through our expertise across important functions such as product development, hiring, fundraising, and operations

venture-building playbook

How it Works

We created a venture-building playbook to accelerate & execute the 0-to-1 process.

For Entrepreneurs

Your superhuman co-founding team

We bring in experienced top-tier experts, leaders, and operators to accelerate your startup and increase the odds of success







For corporations

Your partner for
enduring growth

Combine your internal capabilities with fast-paced startups to unleash lasting competitive advantage

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